Saturday, November 27, 2010


Life is hard!

I've learned some amazing lessons this year. Actually I am still in the process of learning some...

*Love daily
*Be thankful in the good times & the bad. Trust me...not an easy lesson.
*Patience...I have little to almost none.
*Live your dream...whatever that is in the moment. But don't leave an income until you have another :)
*Travel the world...I did a lot of the US this summer and can only wait to see more!
*Listen to those that are wiser then you. They have been the before, listen to their lessons and mistakes, instead of making your own.
*Don't be so darn hard headed!
*Admit defeat when the time is right.
*Improve yourself and your spirit to be a better you, daughter, sister, friend & girlfriend.
*Listen to those around you....and don't talk. Just listen.
*We have no control of what happens in life...we just choose the path on which to follow. God is so merciful to guide us to a decision and then allows us a choice. Do we pick the right one?! Sometimes, but when we don't, he pulls us back to the correct choice when WE are ready. (GOD, I'm ready!!)
*And thanks to Ms Sarah...OWN the decisions that you make. This is still a hard one for me. I make decisions and then doubt them like crazy...I just need to make a decision, right or wrong...and then own it. Own that it sucks that I made the wrong decision! Or that it's awesome...!

What life lessons have you learned this year?

-Till Next Time, KT

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