Monday, November 29, 2010


It's that time of the year for joy! The holidays are upon us and I'm sure that all of you are making holiday plans...I for one am debating what to do!

To go home or Not to go home?! That is the question...Right now, I'm thinking not, ask me in a week and i'm sure I would have changed my mind. :)

However, on a HIGH note...I GOT A JOB! Not just any job...A job at a company I WANT to work for!! I could have taken the position last week, but decided against it...I just didn't have it in me to know that I was lying to the employer. After making that decision, I was kicking myself pretty hard...the self doubt kicked in.

*Why didn't I just stick it out?
*What if I won't get offered anything else?
*It was a paycheck...which is still better then NOTHING!

I'm honestly so proud of my decision! I'm proud that I didn't take the position even if others thought that I should. I'm so happy that I didn't listen to my doubt and think that it could all be true. (Although, I had my far share of kicking myself!). Over all, 1 week to the day, I was offered a position where I can really grow and watch myself be happy. I'm happy that I will be working with a good manager, I'm happy that I will be working with a small team in a non stressful sales environment! I think I will honestly be happy there. I think its finally time in my life to focus on

Today is a good day. I need to be THANKFUL in that and let myself enjoy this moment...tomorrow will bring new stresses, I'm sure!

-Till Next Time, KT

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I love my friends...

Beaver Bend, Oklahoma- November 2010

-Till Next Time, KT


Life is hard!

I've learned some amazing lessons this year. Actually I am still in the process of learning some...

*Love daily
*Be thankful in the good times & the bad. Trust me...not an easy lesson.
*Patience...I have little to almost none.
*Live your dream...whatever that is in the moment. But don't leave an income until you have another :)
*Travel the world...I did a lot of the US this summer and can only wait to see more!
*Listen to those that are wiser then you. They have been the before, listen to their lessons and mistakes, instead of making your own.
*Don't be so darn hard headed!
*Admit defeat when the time is right.
*Improve yourself and your spirit to be a better you, daughter, sister, friend & girlfriend.
*Listen to those around you....and don't talk. Just listen.
*We have no control of what happens in life...we just choose the path on which to follow. God is so merciful to guide us to a decision and then allows us a choice. Do we pick the right one?! Sometimes, but when we don't, he pulls us back to the correct choice when WE are ready. (GOD, I'm ready!!)
*And thanks to Ms Sarah...OWN the decisions that you make. This is still a hard one for me. I make decisions and then doubt them like crazy...I just need to make a decision, right or wrong...and then own it. Own that it sucks that I made the wrong decision! Or that it's awesome...!

What life lessons have you learned this year?

-Till Next Time, KT