Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas laugh

Today I went shopping for a friend's Christmas gathering. She has requested that we wear "ugly" Christmas sweaters...My thoughts?!

Great!! Now...Where do I find one?

I of course want all the bells and whistles. I want it to have a wreath for a neck, a glowing Santa and a battery pack needed to light Rudolph's nose. Unfortunately, to find that this time of year is rather difficult!

I went to start my search at the local Goodwill. Now, those of you that know me well, know that I despise Goodwill... BUT, I went. I didn't find my sweater of choice, but I did end up standing in the dressing room cracking up laughing...I found joy instead. In the place that I would have never have thought to look!

I'm standing in the dressing room thinking...

1) I'm looking for a hideous sweater, in the store that I hate the most.
2) OMG...Why is everything stained?!
3) I found this ridiculous ski sweater that is the most hideous shades of teal, purple & yellow, But is it Christmas or just Winter? (Honestly, it looked like an Easter egg vs. a Christmas sweater)
4) I love this moment... :)

I guess for me...on a day that was already pretty awesome, it got capped off with laughter! Laughter has its moments & lately have been few and random. I'm so grateful for this one.

I also was asked by a lady looking at sweaters with me...(as i'm cracking up laughing to myself, probably looking crazy!)

"Is this sweater still in style?" Is it bad, that I didn't have the heart to tell her "NOOOOO! RUN...". Instead I said, "I'm sure that would look really nice on you!"

Honestly, I think this whole shopping experience was a test for me. A test to see...
How grateful am I? How compassionate am I to the needs of others? How blessed am I?

Thank You Lord for today...I am very grateful for the laughs and lessons!

BTW, Never found a sweater!! The hunt continues....

-Till Next Time, KT