Saturday, February 27, 2010


Who says that we can't enjoy our lives?! As I am sitting at a nice restaurant enjoying a nice drink...I'm highly enjoying my life. I hope that everyone gets that opportunity! Wether that be enjoying a nice night out, striving for a far fetched goal or getting to the top of your dreams.

I am currently learning the joy of dreaming. I feel like in life, I was never given that chance, because we didn't have the money or the opportunity. I think that we all should have that...I am currently learning to let my dreams be verbal and that when I am ready God will fulfill those. I know that I will have obstacles along the way, but I know that through the fights...Life will be good. My current dreams are:

*2 houses - Beach house & Tudor Planation somewhere with some land and a tree lined driveway. Both, must have an in home library, with wrap around ladders.
*A family with children, which I want to able to stay home with full time.
*The ability to travel full time. Travel the world...not just the "normal" places...but the world. With no financial restraints. I want to be able to eat in the best restaurants and sleep in the best hotel suites.
*I also want to be able to hire a nanny to travel with us for the children. Not to be a hands on mother, but someone that I trust to be with the kids when I can't.
* I want to be able to bless the world with relief. Rather that be financial relief or physical relief. I want to be able to provide to the homeless man on the street, the friends that are fundraising for worthy causes, pet abuse, child abuse, rape victims & all the people of the world that have needs for food, water and housing.

May you realize the dreams that you have & God bless you with them.
Till next time.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Motivation None I have Motivation: None. Sounds like a James Bond mission, huh?!

Just thought I'd share...