Monday, January 4, 2010


So, those of you that know me closely know that I am not a night person. :) I for one rather like my sleep and enjoying a good nap is a known favorite past time.

But tonight, I am wide awake. Maybe it's the all the sleep I got today or the anger and confusion burning inside me. Why the anger?! Because we (I) let people close to me control my feelings. Whose to say in life what is right or wrong for us? Family....Friends....Ministers? Who gives them the right?! I guess more then anything right now I am feeling bitter...

For some reason I have always felt the need to be "good". Well, that the hell is that?! "Good" for me is way different then what it is for the young members of Al-Queda... For me it's to live up to some expectation. To be the good child, to get good grades, to have the good hair, to get the good job, etc... But at what point do we live for us?

Meaning at what point do we say "Screw You, Expectation"?

I feel like that point on my journey is coming up and maybe has been building for some time now. Expectations are very slowly for me becoming something of the past...I hope that at some point I can say they are quite extinct.

I pray for wisdom through this journey of life & that I may come across people who assist in guiding me down my path. I live for the moments of inspiration of helping others and putting my own problems to the side, if only for a brief second in time.

Till Next Time, Keep Your Head Up & Stay Strong.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Post!!

Hello Empty Blog with Zero Followers!

I have for sometime wanted to start a blog, but what do you say?! There are really only two types of blogs: People who write about what they care about & People who write what they think others care about. I'm hoping to combine both. I want to write something inspiring & funny...Because isn't that what life should be?

Life. Something that we all have to do, but even though we've been doing it for centuries, still can't figure out. When will we learn to live day to day & stop worrying? Isn't that what we do in society?! When will the next check come in?, How will I pay my bills? or What will happen with work? I promise...It will get better.

So....I may not think that I have a lot to say, but maybe I will inspire someone. And if just one person finds something though this blog, then it's worth it.

I invite you all to start a blog & voice your thoughts. Find your peace & live a fulfilled and content life...remember, we only get one!

Till next time -KT