Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thoughts and life goals...

So, I'm thinking that today I will start a random fact/thought of the day about me...you know those things about yourself that you normally wouldn't tell anyone...but since I only have 3 blog followers, what the hell?!

*I am trying to simplify my life. I figure I don't need 150 DVDs & 6 boxes of already read books...WHY?! I think that I am figuring out that when I was in my marriage, I felt the need to fill my life with "Stuff"...maybe filling a void of some kind. Ummm...more thought on that at a later time. But I know now that I do not NEED to have every Disney movie on DVD...IF I ever have children, I'm sure I can find a way for them to see my beloved classics. So...out with the stuff and in with the joy!

Okay now for something fun/strange about me...I enjoy blowing my nose in the shower. I know....strange, gross- Call it what you may...Don't act like you've never done it. :)

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments...

-Till Next Time, KT

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